Sunday, August 7, 2011

Voting for the Perry/God Ticket?

On Saturday, Texas Governor Rick Perry went against the advice of many and presided over a national day of prayer at the Houston area Reliant Arena. It is estimated that approx. 30,000 people were there in person to participate in what can only be called a Christian evangelical worship service and political rally led by the state's long-time governor.

While Texas Governor Rick Perry is "crying out" for God's forgiveness and planning a run for the presidency on a "Salvation" agenda, as this Politico story suggests, his supporters had better be praying that he's got more than salvation on his mind.

Having all the "Christian Evangelicals" voting for him may go a long way toward getting him into the primaries but to win the White House he'll need more than the Good Book and better advisers than Richard Land.

To save this sadly dying country any president will need a different kind of faith: faith in Capitalism, faith in American Exceptionalism and faith in the principle of self-reliance. He or she will also have to embrace some less than Holy ideas like reducing benefits for future recipients of Social Security, Medicare and other entitlement programs -- unpleasant deeds that have to be done to compensate for the excesses of our current and previous Socialist-leaning administrations as well as dealing deadly blows on enemies who want to see America destroyed and it's people demoralized.

I'm not implying that Rick Perry is not capable of being a good or even great president; he's been a decent Governor of my state and he's been an outspoken opponent of President Obama's excesses. I'm just suspicious of anyone who so blatantly wears his religion on his sleeve and I'm hopeful that his piety is more of a political tactic than it is a basic personality trait.

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