Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The BBC's Audacity of Hope

It's apparent from this BBC article titled: "Obama fighting for 'everyone to have American dream'" that BBC News for one is still holding on to that hope for "hope and change" that catapulted President Obama into office almost three years ago.

It's a very short article that underscores the You Tube video of President Obama's Labor Day speech in Detroit. In that speech, a speech that is a 'foreword' of sorts to his planned "jobs" speech on Thursday, he promised "a major road and bridge building program" as one element of his attempt to rebuild America's economy in what he called "the American way!".

As usual, this is just a campaign stop for the president, a campaign stop in Detroit because he needs the labor vote. His speech, again as usual, was full of hype and very short on substance.

If President Obama thinks that government road projects are "the American Way; he still doesn't get it and truth be told, because of his deeply ingrained Socialist leanings, he probably never will understand the American economy! It's very unlikely that Thursday's speech before the joint session of congress will prove me wrong.

The government didn't build the economy in the first place, business people who risked their own time, money and reputations built America's economy to be the largest and most robust economy on Earth. The government's legitimate role in the American economy is minimal and it was the government overstepping those legitimate bounds with vast over regulation and over taxation that has virtually destroyed that economy. The only thing that will restore the American economy is the confidence that our grossly 'obese' government will reign back it's regulations, will stop it's class warfare, and will support the people who actually do create jobs, the leaders of American business and industry. Right now, that confidence is not there and Obama's considerable oratory skills will not bring it back.

BBC News, on the surface, may be maintaining the "stiff upper lip" that Brits are famous for but anyone in that news organization who has been paying attention must be laughing at our President behind closed doors and sneering at America in general for electing him.

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