Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Herman is getting bad advice!

I'm really getting 'ticked-off' with Herman Cain. He comes off in his interviews as an intelligent, thoughtful person (as he did in the Piers Morgan interview) and then he issues statements, trying to kiss the butts of the idiot Social Conservatives, that make him look like a dunce. Speaking of dunces, how about Piers Morgan; during Cain's interview he is actually quoted as saying: "You might be president of the United States of America. So your views on these things (abortion) become exponentially massively more important. They become a directive to the nation." One wonders if Piers ever really left England? I wonder if he really thinks of the U.S.president as royalty and Americans as the president's subjects? Herman, you are who you are and who you are is a winner. Stop listening to advisers who are trying to make you into something you are not. Top Blogs

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Liberals want Mitt because they fear Herman

Interesting! The Liberal media seems to be doing everything it can to promote Romney's bid to become the GOP's candidate for the presidency by doing everything they can to make Herman Cain seem foolish, crooked, racist and generally incompetent.

One possible reasons for that is: the Libs are scared of Herman Cain and sense a weakness in Mitt Romney -- I think they are right on both counts. Herman Cain IS someone they should fear and Mitt Romney does have a weakness of character that could possibly benefit Obama in November, 2012.

Attacking Cain

Todays article in the UK Daily Mail is typical of the attacks on Cain by Obama supporters. The headline reads: "Herman Cain spent over $100,000 of donor's money buying copies of his OWN book." Apparently they are hoping that no one reads farther than that misleading headline because the facts in the article itself belie the headline:

"Recently released Federal Election Commission filings, show that the 66-year-old's campaign paid a total of $100,938.24 to that company (Cain's corporation called T.H.E. New Voice) for various pamphlets and literature handed out at campaign events."

"Various pamphlets and literature" not "his OWN book" as was screamed in the headline. Yes the pamphlets and literature were purchased from Cain's own company but then Cain did give $500,000 of his own money to the campaign -- perhaps it was intended to cover purchases like that one.

So why are the Libs scared of Herman?

Because Herman is searching for common-sense, workable answers to America's problems; he doesn't have all the perfect answers yet but those voters who have heard or met him believe that his quest is honorable and that he, as president, will be good for them and good for the country.

Most Liberal politicians (as well as many other politicians) don't search for common sense answers, they search for votes and will say anything and dress up any lie as a truth to get their votes. Evidence of that is our president who is, right now, forecasting doom and gloom if the legislature doesn't pass his latest spending bill, which he calls his "jobs bill;" this is just another lie on top of the previous nearly three years of his lies.

Problems with Romney

From the perspective of "Conservatives" the main problem with Mitt Romney may be that, because he is a Mormon, he does not fit their definition of a "Christian." The definition of Conservatism, from back in the days of Richard Viguerie, Dr. James Dobson, Tony Perkins and Rev Pat Robertson's Conservative Coalition, "Conservative" has been virtually identical to the definition of "Christian." Woe be onto any Republican, for instance, who considers abortion or gay marriage even slightly acceptable but perhaps even more important, you had better not rely on a second, contradictory gospel (the Book of Mormon) like Latter Day Saints do. Dont believe me! Ask Dr.Robert Jeffress, Pastor of the First Baptist Church, Dalla,TX, who recently made headlines on that topic.

That, however, is only part of Romney's acceptance problem. The other part is totally subjective and therefore harder to define. I've seen it and apparently many others have. Romney appears to be a little too 'smooth,' a little too soft-spoken and he seems to lack the bold self-confidence that should be part of the basic nature of an American president. For good or bad, appearances count for a lot in an election; unfortunately sometimes, in the minds of voters, appearances even outweigh good ideas.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Which Republican for President? My view!

Petulant Preteens! That's what two of the candidates in Tuesday's Las Vegas debate were acting like: Santorum and Perry, spoiled brats!

There is Rick Santorum with that 'I just ate a sour grape' look on his face, constantly interrupting Mitt Romney --to the point where the audience was so fed up it started booing.

The other 'Rick," Rick Perry launched a baseless attack on Romney about illegal gardeners and finally got so obnoxious that he earned his own boos.

Then there is the textbook Libertarian Ron Paul. He is SO Right about domestic issues but he refuses to see that America can NOT become an isolationist country; not in the 21st Century with radical Islam spreading through the world like a disease. If we pull our bases out of all of the places where they are now, countries like Iran and Lybia will eventually become so powerful there will be so few Democratic countries left that eventually they too will fall like Dominoes and the US will be attacked on a weekly basis until it is also destroyed. Ron Paul grossly under-estimates the threat we face from radical Islam.

Michelle Bachman seems like a sweet and intelligent lady but really now, can anyone picture her as a powerful world leader.

How about that Mitt Romney! He seems to be a reasonable choice for president -- so why is it that the Liberal media favors him? Perhaps because they feel that he will loose to Obama! Right now, most of the GOP candidates would fare well against Obama in a debate and Romney could probably win the election but I have a gut feeling that he would be an ineffective president.

And now Herman Cain. I worry about his 'simplistic' approach to leadership as much as I admire it. Then there is his "apples and oranges" sales tax. I think maybe 15-15-0 would be a better approach than 9-9-9 -- he's looking at the 9% sales tax as a fair tax rate but for those of us who will wind up paying a state tax plus a 9% tax on every new item we buy, it doesn't look that attractive; in Texas that will add up to a 17-1/2% sales tax. Granted, with the reduced income tax we will have more money to spend but still ...!

I do, however, think that Herman could easily beat Obama in the actual election and I'm confident that he could do the job because a businessman knows how to pick the experts that will advise him on important issues.

Who's left? The one man who is most qualified for the job but is being ignored: Newt Gingrich. If I could push a button and make Newt the GOP presidential candidate, I would have pushed it a month ago.

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