Friday, January 6, 2012

The problem with Social Conservatives: They want to run your lives!

Interesting headlines today:

Los Angeles Times;

Rick Santorum jeered after comparing gay marriage to polygamy


Santorum Is Booed by College Crowd for Opposing Gay Marriage

The State Column (New Hamshire);

Rick Santorum booed in New Hampshire for gay marriage comments

Concord Monitor;

Santorum engages, enrages -- Candidate booed for position on same-sex marriage

There are many, many more examples of Rick Santorum's lunatic attack on an issue that never, NEVER should have been considered an entre' on the Federal government's table but Social Conservatives (especially the unstable crusaders like Rick Santorum) really care about very little except putting their personal morality ahead of everyone else's.

If you think about it that puts far right Social Conservative loonies in the same category as the far left Socialist loonies. They both want you under their control -- but for quite different reasons.

Social Conservatives want your mind and Socialists want the rest of you.

Hey maybe it would be a good idea to stay away from both of them and embrace the REAL Conservatives; the candidates that are totally focused on reducing the size of government, reducing your taxes, providing a business atmosphere that embraces the concept of full employment and rebuilding the tarnished image of American exceptionalism.

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America needs a REAL Conservative as president not a Social Conservative!

In Islamic countries there is no government except for religious leaders and no Constitution except for the Koran!

There is no question that the vast majority of American's want nothing to do with a system like that -- but then there are American Social Conservative politicians who apparently buy into certain aspects of an Islamic style theocracy.

It's hard to believe that people who are running for the post of President of the United States -- president of ALL the people -- openly oppose the free choice of a large group of those people; in effect declaring that their personal and religious preferences should become the law of the land.

Rick Santorum did exactly that by stating on National television that he not only opposes gay marriage but he would support a Constitutional amendment that would declare all existing same sex marriages null and void.

When did gay rights and specifically gay marriage become any concern of the Federal government? Obviously it is becoming a part of Rick Santorum's "platform" and that, to me, shows that he is not a viable candidate for president of ALL the people.

The same could be said about the Abortion issue! The people who are in contention for the Republican nomination -- apparently all the candidates -- feel that their personal preferences (that is to say their religious preferences) against this perfectly legal procedure should become the law of the land.

Like citizens and political commentators, politicians have every right to express their views but when they make statements like we have heard in this election cycle that they want to use their elected positions to further, and even codify their personal moral convictions, it's time for responsible Conservatives and voters to 'take them out behind the wood shed.'

Back in May of 2008, Ed Morrissey of "Hot Air" blog fame wrote a an excellent, thoughtful piece titled Time to return to the first principles of conservatism?" Apparently only a few Conservatives were tuned in. Here are key quotes:

"What is the first principle of conservatism? Limited government. Our founders understood this, which is why they tightly constrained the jurisdiction of the federal government in the Constitution."

Morrissey went on to say:

"Take gay marriage as one example. In relation to the first principle of conservatism, why should this even be on the conservative radar screen, especially as a national issue? Instead of drumbeats for federal constitutional amendments, we should have insisted that government get out of the sacrament-recognition business. Let the churches determine the sacramental value of relationships, and let (state) governments enforce partnership contracts."

and he concluded:

"It would provide credibility to a movement that by its very nature should demand that government stay out of the bedroom and the boardroom and treat its citizens like sovereign adults rather than recalcitrant children unable to make their own decisions."

Amen to that Brother Morrissey!

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