Monday, August 18, 2014

Furguson Mo.: it's time for the truth

The Furguson Police need to get their priorities straight; their job is not to cover up for their officers, it's to keep the public safe and to keep the peace. They appeared to be moving very slowly while investigating and gave out facts as if each fact was very costly; my guess is that they knew their officer (Darren Wilson) was apparently terrified by Mike Brown's size (and possibly the fact that he was black) and he grossly overreacted. Furguson Police were hoping that they would find a justification for his actions, but couldn't find anything but the obvious.

Much later, pointing out that "Big Mike" Brown was a bully and a thug at the same time they released the name of the officer who gunned him down didn't seem to work; in fact it infuriated the citizens. The people of Furgeson acted like robbing merchandise from a convenience store and intimidating the store clerk with his size was just expected behavior from Michael Brown (and maybe it was) but now that the autopsy report is out, it should be very clear that the cover-up had better be over.

Apparently Big Mike's accomplice, Dorian Johnson, was telling it like it actually happened during their initial encounter with Officer Wilson. An eye-witness to the whole thing has now come forward and stated that the officer did grab "Big Mike" by the neck and try to drag him into the cruiser, Mike did get away and started running, the officer did fire his gun (apparently just grazing Mike's arm), Mike did turn toward the officer with his hands in the air and the officer did start shooting at him in spite of that universal sign that he was 'giving up.' And that is essentially the end of the story.

What SHOULD have happened next is obvious. The Furguson Police Chief should have made an honest statement to the citizens in the evening of Day 1 or Day 2 at the latest. By then he should have figured out the obvious and should have told the citizens that:"'it appears, based on the facts as we now understand them, the officer involved in the death of Michael Brown apparently overreacted and mishandled the situation and the involved officer is currently in police custody and the facts as we now know them are being turned over to the St. Louis District Attorney."

Had that happened, instead of cover-up and delay and if he had added his personal, sincere regret for the incident, a lot of damage and additional bloodshed may have been avoided.

That obviously did not happen on Day 1 and if that does not happen today, in the wake of the autopsy report and the witness that came forward, it will again be a 'dark and stormy night' in Furguson. It's Make or Break day in Furguson and judging by their track record so far, they just might "blow this opportunity" too.

For the Police Chief's mishandling of the situation he should be forced to resign.

Police officers in every police force of any size should be trained better than Officer Darren Wilson was. You can however safely bet that the majority of officers in small town police forces without training -- intense training -- in how to handle dangerous situations professionally, would react no better than Darren Wilson. The problem is, like most other things in life, the cost of such training.

Thanks to the gross mishandling of the country's economy by the Obama Administration, every small company, every small city and most individuals are working with tighter budgets than they have had to deal with in many years and as a result, training is on a "wish list."  

Friday, August 15, 2014

Police Incompetence in Furguson Mo.?

Why the Furguson Police Dept. waited 5 days, through 5 days of bloody riots, before dropping their bombshell is anyone's guess. On Day 1, they had the evidence they showed and talked about on Day 5. The situation stinks but there, in that convenience store, clearly intimidating a guy who is half his size is Michael Brown with his 'sidekick'.   Below that you see Mike Brown face down, 10 minutes later, after he atempted to escape from police custody.

The video from the convenience store surveillance cameras was released today, no question that  Big Michael Brown" was a bully and petty thief who got caught.

I'm no expert but if he really did assault the police officer before he started running (allegedly Mike  punched him in the jaw), it appears there MIGHT have been justification for deadly force; you have to remember that "Big Mike" stood 6'4" and weighed 292 pounds. No normal-sized person is going to chase him down and tackle him. But there is one other factor to consider; it is alleged that Mike had his hands up when he was shot. If that was the case there is no way to justify the shooting as righteous. This whole thing seems to come down to allegations: he said/they said.

This all happened at around 2:00 pm, in broad daylight, in the middle of Furguson. There must be someone who saw it go down, especially since there were gunshots. That person or those people, if they exist, are probably in "protective custody" and will not appear until the first court hearing into the shooting.

On the surface it appears that "Michael Brown" was a bully and petty thief who got caught. The Furguson P.D did a terrible PR job on this, no question, no excuses. A lot of unnecessary damage resulted from their incompetent handling of the public and the press.

The Great Dividers I talked about in my last post did their work well. There are still angry people in the crown yelling "racist," even though it now it is obvious that the situation had nothing to do with race. Had Mike been a very large white guy or a Hispanic or any other color, the outcome would have been the same. The main difference would have been that you would not have seen the racist Al Sharpton in town if the dead boy was white.

Congratulations Al Sharpton, you did your job well and can go back to the hole you crawled out of now.

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Furguson Missouri: Another Victim of the Great Dividers

Clearly, the situation in Furguson Missouri, at it's most basic level, was a case of a police officer ordering two young men off the street (perhaps using profanity). They did not comply as fast as the officer thought they should have. The details at that point are vitally important but are not clear but the end result of the confrontation is very clear, one of the young men lay dead in the street with possibly multiple gunshot wounds.

Up to this point the citizens of Furguson, the National Media and the world of TV's Talking Heads All seem to be assuming that this is a case of a rogue police officer who intentionally created a situation where he could feel justified to pull his gun and shoot the young man. That might be a good assumption but so far it seems like there is something missing in the story!

Why would a police officer tell two young men walking in the street to get off the street and onto the sidewalk? Well that's not unusual! It's a police officers job to insure the public's safety! The police officer was just doing his job! Right? So far, so good. (I know what you're thinking but that's an assumption so it can't be considered yet.)

Why then would the two young men disobey a police officers legal order to get off the street and onto the sidewalk? The public should always obey a legal police order; when the police tell you to do something it is to keep you safe! (Yeah! I still know what you're thinking and I know you're cursing me for not using "the word" you want to read but that would still be an assumption so it still can't be considered.)

Up to this point, all we can prove is a case of two citizens disobeying a police officer. At that point the officer is justified taking them into police custody. Like it or not, that's the way it works.

That may have been what was about to happen but what actually happened is a case of he said, they said.

Either the officer attempted to exit his car and the Bigger of the two young men (18-year old Mike Brown) pushed the door closed so he could not exit the vehicle (that's what the police are alleging) OR the police car was so close to Mike Brown that the car door hit his leg and slammed closed in the officer's face (that is the story from the young man who was there with Mike Brown (22-year old Dorian Johnson). Either scenario is plausible.

In either case, however, the officer understandably felt like the two were resisting a legal police action. Johnson then alleges that the police officer grabbed Mike Brown around the neck and pulled his head and shoulders through the driver's side window. At that point, Johnson alleges, the police officer unholstered his weapon  and threatened to shoot Mike Brown. According to Johnson the gun then went off. The police are accusing Mike Brown of, at some point trying to get the officer's gun away from him, suggesting that it went off in the struggle -- this is unlikely. Mike Brown is a big guy and it is doubtful (but not impossible) that his hands or arms were inside the car or that he could have grabbed for the officers gun. It is more likely that the officer actually got out of his car and struggled with Brown.

Mike Brown may have been shot at that point but he pulled away from the officer and he and Dorian Johnson (understandably scared for their lives) started running. The police officer than shot at Mike Brown, once or several times, killing him.

So far we have a tragedy caused by random circumstances that could have been avoided by Mike and Dorian getting on the sidewalk when ordered to and continuing on their way to their destination but thanks to decades of conditioning by the "Great Dividers" this didn't happen. What did happen was Mike and Dorian had been conditioned to believe that the police in general are their enemy and a white police officer is not only an enemy but a racist.

So who is it I'm calling The Great Dividers? It's people like the first big name who blew into town after the incident: Rev. Al Sharpton. It's people like him who have pushed their twisted worldview so often in the media and at rally's in the cities and especially in black communities. That worldview goes something like this: If you are black you are being oppressed by "whitey." It doesn't matter who you are, where you are or what you do, the white man is your enemy and they want to "keep you down."

That's just a small part of the message it goes on to tell the black community that any black man or woman who is successful is only successful because they 'drank the white man's Kool-Aid' and they are also enemies of poor and middle-class blacks.

The result of decades of this bogus preaching to the grandparents and parents and children of the black community is what you see in Furguson, Missouri.

The policeman who shot down Mike Brown had no doubt also heard the Divider's message but in his case it's reversed. He's heard all his life from the Great Dividers that black people hate white people, they wat to 'get even' for slavery and you better be careful when dealing with them -- they all carry knives or straight-razors and they all are quick to use them. They all hate you cause of your skin color and that slavery thing that ALL white people are responsible for.

When confronted by the large Mike Brown, I would guess that the officer tried to take charge of the situation and not show fear, as he, as a police officer, has been taught.

Was the police officer a racist? Did he stop and 'hassle' the two guys just because Mike and Dorian are black? Most likely YES, at least at first. That and he was probably so tired of being openly disrespected while wearing a uniform that was supposed to demand respect that he grossly overreacted when faced with the initial situation and then went completely off the rails out of fear when his car door either bounced off Mike or was pushed closed by the big guy.

He probably had no legal justification for drawing his weapon in the first place but apparently did.

The Furguson Police Department is being accused by the citizens of Furguson and by the Great Divider, Rev. Sharpton at their lead, of hiding the evidence of what happened; and the police have been doing just that, probably for a good reason. Most likely the police are not disclosing information because they are  planning on charging the officer with some degree of murder and the evidence, if released to the public, would both damn the officer before he goes on trial and be certain cause for a mistrial and/or a change of venue. In that regard, their hands are tied but try telling that to an angry mob! That, of course, is a BIG part of the problem. If the police and city officials are communicating but doing it very poorly.

Most likely a good percentage of that angry mob do not know Mike Brown or Dorian Johnson, do not live within a hundred miles of Furguson and do not understand or care about anything that happened those several days ago except they have probably all heard that a black man was shot by a white police officer. Any more information that that would probably confuse them. Five days into this situation it's probably safe to say that the angry mob is just looking for a way to sustain its anger and break more things.

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

They Will Be HERE If We Don't Stop Them Over There

Top Blogs ISIS, Hammas, AlQueda, the Islamic Brotherhood: All of these and all of the other forces that constitute the absolute evil known as radical Islam need to be removed from civilized society.

“No more boots on the ground” is an acceptable National policy as long as it does not rule out the active involvement of the U.S. Military against the world-wide threat posed by radical Islam. We must use our military from the air, as we are now finally doing in Iraq, or from the sea or from space if we can but we cannot afford to do as we had been doing in the Middle East which is essentially relying on nothing but diplomacy. Diplomacy will not work against people who are fighting for what they deeply believe and the forces of radical Islam happen to deeply believe that all non-Muslims must be killed. Not just in the Middle East but eventually right HERE!

The constant warfare in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and in the other parts of the world where people are not being allowed to live freely and peacefully because of rabid, sociopathic jihadists, can no longer be looked at as a regional problem. The madmen who fight against the freedom to be non-Muslim will be here soon if we allow them to win over there. HERE in our country not just slaughtering the Jews but the Catholics, Baptists, Presbyterians and all other non-Muslims of all ages.

Remember and NEVER forget September 11, 2001. That was their first strike, their 'shot across the bow' of the American way of life, against those who they refer to as the Great Satan. Since then there have been many other attempts to terrorize Americans right here on our soil. It is only through our vigilance that we have had no disasters that match the scope of 9/11.  

Stopping Radical Islamist Jihad must become a top American Priority.

 I've heard, and I'm sure you have too: "Let them kill each other! It's none of our business." If only that was true! It is very much our business to make sure the forces of radical Islam are crushed in the Middle East because the United States is their real enemy and they know it! They know that as long as we exist they will never reach their ultimate objective of a World-Wide Caliphate.